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PatriotHacks 2021



Third Annual 36-Hour Hackathon To Create, Collaborate, Learn, and Innovate.

About PatriotHacks

PatriotHacks is the flagship hackathon at George Mason University where innovators can play, learn, create, game, and revolutionize technology.

This year’s hackathon is entirely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students from across the world can enjoy plenty of workshops, activities, and networking events along with free swag. This provides hackers an opportunity to build their resumes and making memories that will last a lifetime. The event is entirely
ree, and no experience is required to attend. Join us from April 16 – April 18, 2021.

200+ Students

36 Hours

Epic Prizes!

Free Food & Swag

Event Schedule

Pick Your Track

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Best Overall Hack

All are automatically entered in this track, good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor.

Financial Track

College students struggle with budgeting, and poor financial decisions can lead to bad spending habits.

Can you develop a way to help people make smart financial decisions?


During the first few months of covid, many became worried about their health, and started making changes to their lives.

Can you help people develop a healthier lifestyle?


Climate change has been a threat for years. and companies and individuals have been more active in trying to do their part in reducing waste and helping the climate.

Can you come up with an idea that can help save the earth?


When the pandemic began, education was suddenly forced to move online, and many have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of education they received.

Do you have a way to make education better?

Most likely to become a startup

Every start-up originates as an idea! Does yours have the potential to become a unicorn?

Patriot Favorite

Everyone has a favorite project. Can you become one of ours?

Best All Female Hack

Some of the best technological
advancements have been made thanks to women!  Will your all-women team be the next Ada Lovelace?

Best Beginner

Tired of seeing entry-level positions marketed towards people with 5+ years of experience? Tired of being turned away for not having any experience?

Everyone has to start
somewhere! All teams comprising of newcomers are welcome to try this track!

Our Team


We need the support of corporate partners to make this event possible. By sponsoring this hackathon, your company will meet a highly entrepreneurial and hard-working group of young adults. Individuals will come from a variety of disciplines, all of whom will be eager to apply their innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Fairfax County Economic Development Authority

Sponsor Packages

Our sponsorship packages are tiered; you can choose the best fit for your organization. If you are looking for something different, it would be our pleasure to custom tailor a package matching your company’s needs.









Frequently Asked Questions

Students who are currently enrolled in or recently graduated (within the past 12 months) from a colleger university are eligible to attend. All disciplines are welcome! If you are not a college student or recent graduate, you may be able to participate as a mentor or volunteer.

Of course! Whether you’re an experienced student or a working professional, you are welcome to register as a mentor to help students debug or to host a workshop.

To learn new things and also we have a plethora of prizes and swag.

We like to keep teams at 4 or less participants so that the competition is fair between teams

Bring whatever you like!

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic. we may offer this option in some alternative format. For now, you may refer to a MH’s Hardware Lab for more information on getting hardware for your hacks

The event is completely free for all registered participants

Yes. We’ll make sure that you do.

We will be hosting a lot of online events to bring the community together.