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Fourth Annual 40-Hour Hackathon To Create, Collaborate, Learn, and Innovate.

About TechConnect Hacks

TechConnect Hacks is the flagship hackathon at George Mason University where innovators can play, learn, create, game, and revolutionize technology.

Students from across the world can enjoy plenty of workshops, activities, and networking events along with free swag. This provides hackers an opportunity to build their resumes and make memories that will last a lifetime. The event is entirely free and no experience is required to attend.

For the first time, TechConnect Hacks will feature a double hackathon, providing students with even more ways to participate and expand their knowledge.

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A Double Hackathon

TechConnect Hacks will feature two coinciding hackathons: PatriotHacks and HackOverflow.


PatriotHacks is an all-encompassing hackathon where innovators can turn ideas into projects they are passionate about; come, dive in, and make incredible things alongside fellow creators.


HackOverflow focuses on providing teams with hands-on opportunities to develop products using both hardware and software, and recognizing teams based on best societal impact, cost-effectiveness, most likely to become a startup, and the top 3 teams overall.


For both hackathons, students work in teams and have mentors to assist in completing projects. There will be several opportunities and prizes, including the “Best All-Female Hack” award at PatriotHacks and a Women in STEM Panel at HackOverflow featuring successful women entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers.


Learn more about PatriotHacks and HackOverflow below.

Event Schedule

5:00 PM Student Check-in
6:30 PM Opening Ceremony
7:30 PM Team Building
8:00 PM Student Dinner
8:30 PM Workshop Block 1
9:00 PM Keynote Speaker
10:00 PM Fun Event
11:00 PM Fireside chat (Talk with professionals – Professionals TBD)
12:00 AM Midnight fun event
8:00 AM Breakfast for students
10:30 AM Workshop Block 2 
12:00 PM  Lunch
1:30 PM Panel for either STEM Women or Industry
3:00 PM Workshop Block 3
6:30 PM Dinner
7:30 PM Workshop block 4
10:00 PM Fun Event
9:00 AM Breakfast
10:45 AM Judges Arrive
11:00 AM Submission Deadline
11:30 AM Judging Starts
1:00 PM Judging ends
2:00 PM Closing Ceremony Starts
3:00 PM Event finished

Our Speakers

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We need the support of corporate partners to make this event possible. By sponsoring this hackathon, your company will meet a highly entrepreneurial and hard-working group of young adults. Individuals will come from a variety of disciplines, all of whom will be eager to apply their innovative solutions to real-world problems.

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